Monday, December 7, 2015

My Dear Chennai! What Happen to You?

Hello, Friends. No matter where u lives but there are more people living in Chennai. And its the capital of Tamil Nadu.
Now the Chennai is struggling in flood. I am living in #Anakaputhur. One of the area affected by FLOOD. Other people plz Help us

Bikes are damaged. They are waiting for service

Flood Affected all the vehicle. All are waiting for service.

People waiting for buying milk

People waiting in Q to get Milk packets

Flood affected a provision shop and all rice

All items are damaged in a provision shop in Anakaputhur

Anakaputhur River Bridge

Kundrathur - Anakaputhur Bridge.
(Tharai Paalam)
This Bridge is Over Flood. People not allowed at that time. Now its Slowing.

Actually. My Friends are in Other area. Saidapet. Manali, kolapakkam, kovur, Mangadu (paraniputhur), kundrathur, I didn't see any one. I am going to check. Plz! Pray for us

#Chennai Corporation is offering free bus  service till today. 5/12/15 to 8/12/15 (4 days )
** TN Govt is offering Rs. 10000, 5000 to all who affected by Flood
**Maximum Share Auto's Are offering free service to porur to Kundrathur. On 9th DEC 15 (I think so)
** Most people are helping all other affected peoples.