Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Lagoon Nebula in High Definition

Stars are battling gas and dust in the Lagoon Nebula but the photographers are winning. Also known as M8, this photogenic nebula is visible even without binoculars towards the constellation of Sagittarius. The energetic processes ofstar formation create not only the colors but the chaos. The red-glowing gasresults from high-energy starlight striking interstellar hydrogen gas. The dark dustfilaments that lace M8 were created in the atmospheres of cool giant stars and in the debris from supernovae explosions. The light from M8 we see today left about5,000 years ago. Light takes about 50 years to cross this section of M8. Data used to compose this image was taken with the wide-field camera OmegaCam of theESO's VLT Survey Telescope (VST).
Image Credit &Copyright:Data - ESO/INAF/R. Colombari/E. Recurt; Assembling & ProcessingR. Colombari

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