Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Dark Winter Sky Over Monfrague National Park in Spain

You, too, can see a night sky like this. That is because Monfrague National Park inSpain, where this composite image was created, has recently had its night sky officially protected from potential future light pollution. Icons of the night sky that should continue to stand out during northern winter -- and are visible on the featured image -- include very bright stars like SiriusBetelgeuse, and Procyon, bright star clusters like the Pleiades, and, photographically, faint nebulas like theCalifornia and Rosette Nebulas. Even 100 years ago, many people were more familiar with a darker night sky than people today, primarily because of the modern light pollution. Other parks that have been similarly protected as dark-sky preserves include Death Valley National Park (USA) and Grasslands National Park(Canada). Areas such as the city of Flagstaff, Arizona and much of the Big Island of Hawaii also have their night skies protected.
Image Credit & Copyright: José Luis Quiñones (Entre Encinas y Estrellas)

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